Aims and Purpose

GFS aims to provide a vital ministry which will empower people and communities to build a continuing relationship with Christ, to value themselves and one another and to experience life within a faith community.


What we do

A balanced program of activities that provide fun, fellowship, and spiritual growth in our children (from age 4), our youth and adult members.

Some of what we do includes:

  • Weekly branch meetings with a variety of games and other activities. Find out more about branches by finding a group.
  • Branch, district, and diocesan camps and other activities are run regularly.
  • Triennially, a national camp is held for the age 13-17 group and another for the 18-30 age group.
  • Some adult members meet as groups called Townsend Fellowships - after Mary Elizabeth the founder of GFS.



There is an Australian wide Leader Development Policy overseen by our by our Australian Leader Development Officer who supports the Leader Development Officers in each Diocese in Australia.

Training for Branch Leaders and Youth Leaders is held regularly within each Diocese and State.


What is GFS?

to be updated.


What is Kidsplus?

Kids Plus+™ is a registered, alternative name for groups who wish to minister under the auspices of GFS, however Kids Plus+ groups have a separate identity.

They may follow the traditional single gender model or minister to both boys and girls. In most dioceses, Kids Plus+ groups pay fees to GFS and receive in return, leader training, resources and voting rights on National Council.

Many dioceses have found that parishes welcome the flexibility that Kids Plus+ offers in ministry to children.

Expressions of interest in establishing a Kids Plus+ group should be made to the Diocesan Chairman.